Wihlborgs Group Management joined by HR Director

HR Director Tove Gleisner joins Wihlborgs Group Management from 1 September.

Tove Gleisner has worked at Wihlborgs as HR Director since 2020. Previously, the HR function has also been represented in the Group Management by Anna Nambord as Director of Sustainable Business and who now works with business development and is an expert in workplace advisory services.

Tove Gleisner has an extensive track record in the staffing and recruitment sector where she has worked within HR and in various management roles.

“The most important resource for active property management and development comprises our employees, and our strong corporate culture is something we value highly. The continuous change to our operating environment means we also need to evolve and adapt to new demands and needs. Training, recruitment and responsiveness to people comprise critical competence in this regard. And accordingly, I am pleased to welcome Tove Gleisner to contribute her broad experience to the Group Management,” says Ulrika Hallengren, CEO of Wihlborgs.

“Wihlborgs applies a business-oriented HR approach where we equip and develop our organisation hand in hand with operations. We will continue with this approach and develop it further. My background in staffing and recruitment means I have experience of many different clients and industries with stringent requirements in terms of adaptation and development, experience that I look forward to contributing to our strategic decisions,” says Tove Gleisner, HR Director.

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